Offered Topics

Web IDEs & Language Server Protocol (LSP) – in collaboration with EclipseSource

There is currently a large hype surrounding Web IDEs and the language server protocol (LSP). LSP provides a very flexible and well-proven architecture for implementing textual editors. It allows to reuse editor implementations for different languages by decoupling editor implementations from language implementations in so-called language servers.

Entwicklung von Datenzugriffsmechanismen für CAD Werkzeuginteroperabilität

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has a twofold meaning. On the one hand, it describes the exchange of geometry data enriched by meta-information. On the other hand, it stands for the entire process of interdisciplinary planning of a building – with the simultaneous engagement of all stakeholders in the development of a common model containing all relevant information.

Various topics in the context of B2B electronic commerce

The goal of the current research project ERPEL (E-Business Registry Permitting Enterprise Liaisons) is to provide the necessary infrastructure, allowing enterprises to seamlessly exchange electronic documents between their systems.