Offered Topics @ BIG

The table below lists all currently offered topics for student research projects. These topics can be elaborated in the form of a practical, seminar, bachelor thesis, and master thesis; the scope and size of the project will be adapted accordingly. If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact the respective advisor and ask for additional information. Note that practicals, seminars, and bachelor/master theses may be started at any time.


Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Enterprise Architecture ModelsDominik Bork
Multi-Level Visualization and Visual Analysis of Enterprise Architecture ModelsDominik Bork
Using Genetic Algorithms to Modularize Conceptual ModelsDominik Bork
Simulation and Analysis of Metamodel DesignsDominik Bork
Metamodel specification techniques: Empirical analysis and tool implementationDominik Bork
Web-based Evaluation of Modeling Language NotationsDominik Bork
Model-driven Analysis and Execution of Insurance Decision ModelsDominik Bork
Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems in IoT EcosystemsDominik Bork
Integration von Payment-Systemen in Web of NeedsChristian Huemer
Reputationssystem für Web of NeedsChristian Huemer
Various topics in the context of B2B electronic commerceChristian Huemer
Web IDEs & Language Server Protocol (LSP) – in collaboration with EclipseSourcePhilip Langer
Entwicklung von Datenzugriffsmechanismen für CAD WerkzeuginteroperabilitätGerti Kappel, Galina Paskaleva
Entwicklung von Datenzugriffsmechanismen für CADGerti Kappel, Galina Paskaleva