Panel Discussion: How to Build a Perfect Enterprise Modeling Method


This paper reports on the plenary panel discussion on “How to Build a Perfect Enterprise Modeling Method” held at the PoEM 2021 conference. The panel was charged with finding a pathway to the perfect enterprise modeling method. The panelists have a background in enterprise modeling and method engineering. So, the question is: Can method engineering help with designing a better enterprise modeling environment? The contributions in this paper should be regarded as a snapshot of our viewpoints at the time of the panel.

in: “Proceedings of the Forum at Practice of Enterprise Modeling 2021 (PoEM-Forum 2021) (PoEM 2021)",, 2021, (invited), 78 - 87
Dominik Bork
Dominik Bork
Assistant Prof. Dipl.-Wirtsch.Inf.Univ. Dr.rer.pol.