A Hands-on Technology Mix for a European Refugee Management System serving Migrants and Institutions


In 2015, the refugee crisis was one of the biggest challenges for the European Union. The refugee camps located in Europe had to coordinate a large number of refugees. But there was no common refugee IT infrastructure to establish a refugee registration and identification. European Member States had different IT systems and methodologies to register and administrate refugees. This paper describes the requirement areas and architecture for a standardized refugee management system, applicable in the European Union. The requirement areas were evaluated through systematic literature review (including official documents from the European Commission) and interviews with experts. The main focus of this work is the portability and efficient applicability for all Member States. These characteristics should help to react on sudden refugee stream changes in a common way. In the case of refugee stream changes, the local government has to establish a refugee camp on a specific location and to provide a working IT infrastructure. This work proposes a requirement engineering approach for an identification, registration and management system applicable in European refugee camps.

Talk: 2018 9th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS 2018), Beijing, China; 11-23-2018 - 11-25-2018; in: “Proceedings of the 2018 9th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science”, IEEE Press, (2018), ISBN: 978-1-5386-6564-0; 26 - 31
Karin Kappel
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Rene Baranyi
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Thomas Grechenig
Thomas Grechenig
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