Replacing Traditional Classroom Lectures with Lecture Videos - An Experience Report


Lecture videos are slides enhanced with the audio recording of the lecturer’s talk. Such lecture videos offer numerous advantages to the students as well as to the lecturers themselves. The former may organize their studies in a more flexible way by consuming the content of a lecture anytime and at any place as often as they want. The latter do not have to give the same lecture over and over again and may use the saved time for personal contact to the students. In this paper, we report on our experiences with using lecture videos in the course Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling offered by the Business Informatics Group (BIG) at the Vienna University of Technology. We shortly review the structure of the course and discuss the creation and integration of the lecture videos. For the evaluation of this approach, we performed an online survey where the students could provide feedback. Parts of the results of this survey are discussed and included in the paper.

Talk: Educators’ Symposium @ MODELS 2012, Innsbruck; 09-30-2012 - 10-05-2012; in: “Proceedings of the 8th Educators’ Symposium @ MODELS 2012: Software Modeling in Education (EduSymp'12)", ACM Digital Library, (2012), 21 - 27
Marion Scholz
Marion Scholz
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Tanja Mayerhofer
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Martina Seidl
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    Christian Huemer
    Christian Huemer
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