Towards an Expressivity Benchmark for Mappings based on a Systematic Classification of Heterogeneities


A crucial prerequisite for the success of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is the seamless exchange of models between diff erent modeling tools demanding for mappings between tool-specifi c metamodels. Thereby the resolution of heterogeneities between these tool-specifi c metamodels is a ubiquitous problem representing the key challenge. Nevertheless, there is no comprehensive classification of potential heterogeneities available in the domain of MDE. This hinders the specifi cation of a comprehensive benchmark explicating requirements wrt. expressivity of mapping tools, which provide reusable components for resolving these heterogeneities. Therefore, we propose a feature-based classifi cation of heterogeneities, which accordingly adapts and extends existing classifi cations. This feature-based classifi cation builds the basis for a mapping benchmark, thereby providing a comprehensive set of requirements concerning expressivity of dedicated mapping tools. In this paper a rst set of benchmark examples is presented by means of metamodels and conforming models acting as an evaluation suite for mapping tools.

in: “Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Model-Driven Interoperability (MDI 2010) @ MoDELS 2010”, ACM Press, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-4503-0292-0, 32 - 41
Manuel Wimmer
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Gerti Kappel
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