On Realizing a Framework for Self-tuning Mappings


Realizing information exchange is a frequently recurring challenge in nearly every domain of computer science. Although languages, formalisms, and storage formats may differ in various engineering areas, the common task is bridging schema heterogeneities in order to transform their instances. Hence, a generic solution for realizing information exchange is needed. Conventional techniques often fail, because alignments found by matching tools cannot be executed automatically by transformation tools. In this paper we present the Smart Matching approach, a successful combination of matching techniques and transformation techniques, extended with self-tuning capabilities. With the Smart Matching approach, complete and correct executable mappings are found in a test-driven manner.

Keynote Lecture: 47th International Conference, TOOLS EUROPE 2009, June 29-July 3, 2009., Zurich, Switzerland; 06-29-2009 - 07-03-2009; in: “Objects, Components, Models and Patterns - Proceedings of the 47th International Conference TOOLS EUROPE 2009”, Springer, LNBIP 33 (2009), ISSN: 1865-1348; 1 - 16
Manuel Wimmer
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