From Models to Ontologies and Back Again: The ModelCVS Approach for Integrating Modeling Tools


With the rise of model-driven software development, more and more tasks are being per-formed on models, to exploit the higher level of abstraction, the richness of visualization, and their expressiveness. A variety of tools is available supporting different tasks, such as model creation, simulation, checking, and code generation. The exchange of models among different modeling tools and so the integration of their modeling languages becomes an important prerequisite for effective software development processes. Such an integration, however, poses, among others, three major problems: First, there is heterogeneity in textual representation, syntax, semantics, and scope of modeling languages and exchange formats. Second, developing integration solutions is a cumbersome, error-prone and highly repeti-tive task when, e.g., new versions of modeling tools are emerging. Third, inconsistencies are likely when concurrent development of models on basis of different tools take place.

Poster: ACM/IEEE 9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Genua, Italien; 10-01-2006 - 10-06-2006
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