End-User Based Web Augmentation Models

Immersed in social and mobile Web, users are expecting personalized browsing experiences, based on their needs, goals, and preferences. This may be complex since the users’ Web navigation usually implies several (related) Web applications. A very popular technique to tackle this challenge isWeb augmentation. Previously, we presented an approach to orchestrate user tasks over multiple websites, by recording & replaying so-called procedures. While the development of procedures is supported by end-users, their maintenance and composition with other services is currently a major challenge. To tackle these limitations, we argue for recording & replaying procedures in an end-user based fashion but having an explicit model representation of the procedures as well. For this purpose, we propose to follow a modeling by-demonstration approach, i.e., the tasks to be automated are demonstrated by the user and from these demonstrations models are inferred. In this proposed project VAMOS (enduser driVen web AugmentationMOdelS), we plan to develop an enhanced version of our modeling language for Web augmentation tasks, a Web browsers based front-end to allow the creation and maintenance of Web augmenters, as well as integration means with traditional Web engineering methods, such as hypertext modeling languages, UML, and the emerging standard IFML. The methodology for evaluating the proposed approach builds on three major pillars. First, it will be implemented as a proof-of-concept prototype as a Firefox Plug-in. Second, the prototype will be applied in case studies using real-world examples, and third, it will be applied in an empirical study with students from our Web engineering course at the Vienna University of Technology (around 250 students every year) to show its usability.


01.03.2015 - 28.02.2017


Funded by the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research (OeAD) under grand number AR 13/2015.

Manuel Wimmer
Privatdoz. Mag.rer.soc.oec. Dr.rer.soc.oec.