An Enabler for Real-time Business Intelligence

The dynamic business environment of many organizations require to monitor their business, IT and organizational processes in real-time in order to proactively respond to exceptions and to take advantage of time-sensitive business opportunities. The ability to sense and interpret events about a changing business environment or customer needs require an event-driven IT infrastructure for making fast and well-informed decisions and putting them into action. The proposed project aims to build an infrastructure that can efficiently and seamlessly meet the demanding requirements of business event stream-based analytical applications. We introduce Sense & Respond loops that support a complete Business Intelligence process to sense, interpret, predict, automate and respond to business processes and aim to decrease the time it takes to make the business decisions. Our approach enables real-time analytics across corporate business processes, notifies the business of actionable recommendations or automatically triggers business operations, effectively closing the gap between Business Intelligence systems and business processes. We propose a ZELESSA system for executing and managing Sense & Respond loops and illustrate our approach with a transportation service monitoring scenario.


01.01.2006 - 30.06.2007


Gerti Kappel
Gerti Kappel Mag.a techn.