TriGSflow - Workflow Management Based on Active Object-Oriented Database Systems and Extended Transaction Mechanisms

This work has been finished in February 1997.

Effective business process management is a key success factor of today’s organizations acting in global markets. Their business processes have to dynamically adapt to changing requirements while executing in a consistent and reliable manner, even at the presence of activities performing concurrently. This book addresses the very vivid area of workflow management which provides a promising technology to solve these problems. The first part of the book describes a prototype workflow management system that gains flexibility and adaptability by building on object-oriented database technologies, Event-Condition-Action rules, and the role concept. The second part proposes an extension to the well-known nested transaction model that addresses the specific consistency and reliability requirements of workflow management systems.

The book is directed likewise at researchers and practitioners interested in the broad field of workflow technology. It gives a comprehensive survey of the various aspects of business process research. The overview of prominent representatives of commercial workflow management systems and the rich bibliography provide an invaluable guide for further reading