Context Aware Core Components Modeling

This work has been finished in October 2012.

Business document standards usually cover a hierarchical structure of thousands of elements that may be relevant in any business context (any industry, any geopolitical region, etc.). In order to use a business document standard in a specific context, user groups define so-called implementation guidelines based on a subset consisting usually of 3 – 5% of the overall elements. When one defines a new implementation guideline for a specific context, one has always to start from scratch, which is time-consuming and also leads to somewhat heterogeneous interpretations of the standard. It is our goal to speed up the development process and to create more homogeneous implementation guidelines by learning from existing models. If we could assign a formal context to existing implementation guidelines, one may guess the subset of a new implementation guideline for a given context. Accordingly, the Ph.D. thesis looks for an approach to model the context of business document standards and for an algorithm to calculate the content model (subset) of a message implementation guideline.


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