Sebastian Gabmeyer

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Sebastian Gabmeyer studied Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology where he received his master’s degree for his thesis on the Formalization of the Operation Recorder based on Graph Transformation Theory. Currently, he is a researcher in the FAME project and working on his PhD thesis concerned with the verification of software models and model transformations.

List of Publications


Research Interests

  • Model-Driven/Model-Based Development
  • Model Transformations
  • Verification of Software Systems
  • Model Checking
  • Term rewriting



Formalizing and Managing Evolution in Model-Driven Engineering

Like traditional program code, software models are not resistant to change, but evolve over time by undergoing continuous extensions, corrections, and modifications. In model-driven engineering (MDE), evolution is multidimensional leading to the model management tasks of synchronization, versioning, and co-evolution.

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