Michael Strommer

Mag. Dr.



    A Semantic Infrastructure for Model-based Tool Integration

    With the rise of model-driven software development, more and more development tasks are being performed on models. A rich variety of modeling tools is available supporting different tasks, such as model creation, model simulation, model checking, and code generation.

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    (2011). Business Document Transformation using Core Components and XSLT.

    Talk: IEEE International Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg; 09-05-2011 - 09-07-2011; in: “Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing”, (2011), 129 - 136.


    (2011). Evolution Patterns for Business Document Models.

    Talk: Joint Workshop of the 3rd International Workshop on Model-driven Approaches in Software Product Line Engineering and 3rd Workshop on Scalable Modeling Techniques for Software Product Lines (MAPLE/SCALE 2011), Munich, Germany; 08-22-2011 - 08-26-2011; in: “Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Software Product Line Engineering (Volume 2)", (2011), 1 - 8.


    (2010). Size Matters!? Measuring the Complexity of XML Schema Mapping Models.

    Talk: International Workshop on Service Computing for B2B, Miami, USA; 07-05-2010 - 07-10-2010; in: “Proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Services”, IEEE, (2010), ISBN: 978-0-7695-4129-7; 497 - 502.

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    (2009). A Framework for Managing the Complexity of Business Document Integration.

    Talk: eChallenges 2009 Conference and Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey; 10-21-2009 - 10-23-2009; in: “Proceedings of the eChallenges 2009 Conference and Exhibition”, IIMC International Information Management Corporation, (2009), ISBN: 978-1-905824-13-7; 1 - 8.

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    (2008). A Framework for Building Mapping Operators Resolving Structural Heterogeneities.

    Talk: 2nd International United Information Systems Conference (UNISCON'2008), Klagenfurt (invited); 04-22-2008 - 04-25-2008; in: “Information Systems and e-Business Technologies (UNISCON'2008)", R. Kaschek, C. Kop, C. Steinberger, G. Fliedl (ed.); Springer, LNBIP 5 (2008), ISSN: 1865-1348; 158 - 174.

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    (2008). How Web 2.0 can leverage Model Engineering in Practice.

    Talk: DSML'08, Workshop co-located with Modellierung 2008, Berlin, Deutschland; 03-14-2008; in: “DSML'08 Workshop @ Modellierung'08”, W. Reisig et al. (ed.); Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Informatik-Bericht Nr. 221 (2008), ISSN: 0863-095x; 31 - 44.

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    (2007). Applying Model Transformation By-Example on Business Process Modeling Languages.

    Talk: ER 2007 Workshops CMLSA, FP-UML, ONISW, QoIS, RIGiM, SeCoGIS, Auckland, New Zealand; 11-05-2007 - 11-09-2007; in: “Advances in Conceptual Modeling - Foundations and Applications”, J. Hainaut et al. (ed.); Springer, LNCS 4802 (2007), ISSN: 0302-9743; 116 - 125.

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    (2007). A Semi-automatic Approach for Bridging DSLs with UML.

    Talk: The 7th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling, Montreal, Kanada; 10-21-2007 - 10-22-2007; in: “Proceedings of the 7th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM´07)", J. Sprinkle, J. Tolvanen, J. Gray, M. Rossi (ed.); Computer Science and Information System Reports, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, Technical Reports, TR-38, (2007), ISBN: 978-951-39-2915-2; 97 - 104.

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    (2007). Matching Metamodels with Semantic Systems - An Experience Report.

    Talk: Model Management und Metadaten-Verwaltung BTW 2007 Workshop, Aachen; 03-05-2007 - 03-09-2007; in: “Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technologie und Web (BTW 2007), Workshop Proceedings”, Verlag Mainz, (2007), ISBN: 3-86130-929-7; 38 - 52.

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    (2006). From Models to Ontologies and Back Again: The ModelCVS Approach for Integrating Modeling Tools.

    Poster: ACM/IEEE 9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Genua, Italien; 10-01-2006 - 10-06-2006.