Martin Bernauer

Mag. Dr.

    I received my MSc degree in business informatics in 1999 at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. After working at the Data & Knowledge Engineering Group at the University of Linz as a university assistant from 2001 to 2002, I moved to Vienna to join the newly formed Business Informatics Group at the Vienna University of Technology where I worked until 2005. I finished my PhD thesis: Maintaining Consistency of Data on the Web in 2004.

    My research interests comprise active databases (active XML), data intensive web sites (declarative web site management), web services, and interorganizational workflow management systems. Past research effort concentrated on Composite Events for XML, Self-Maintaining Web Pages, and Active XML Schema.


    (2009). [vem:xi:] - A methodology for process based requirements engineering.

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    (2004). Traceable Document Flows.

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    (2004). Representing XML Schema in UML - A Comparison of Approaches.

    Talk: 4th International Conference, ICWE 2004, München; 07-28-2004 - 07-30-2004; in: “Web Engineering”, Springer LNCS 3140, (2004), ISBN: 3-540-22511-0; 440 - 444.

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    (2004). Composite Events for XML.

    Talk: The Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference, New York; 05-17-2004 - 05-22-2004; in: “The Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference Proceedings (WWW04)", ACM Press, (2004), ISBN: 1-58113-844-x; 175 - 183.

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    (2003). Approaches to Implementing a Tailored Metaschema in XML.

    in: “Proceedings of the Forum for short contributions at the 15th Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering”, University of Maribor Press, 2003, ISBN: 86-435-0549-8, 133 - 140.

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