Javier Troya is a postdoctoral researcher in the Business Informatics Group at the Vienna Unviersity of Technology since October 2013. Previously, in 2009 he finished his BSc degree on Computer Science at the University of Málaga (Spain), and in 2010 he obtained his MSc, supervised by Prof. Antonio Vallecillo, with a Master Thesis providing a solution for giving formal semantics to ATL by means of Maude. During his PhD, he spent five months in 2010 working with Prof. Iman Poernomo’s group at King’s College London, and four months in 2012 at University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) with Prof. Krzysztof Czarnecki’s group . In 2013 he obtained his International PhD with honours at University of Málaga, also supervised by Prof. Antonio Vallecillo. His PhD Thesis dealt with the model-driven performance and reliability analysis of dynamic systems.

His current research interest comprise model transformations, non-functional properties monitoring, reverse and forward engineering techniques, especially when migrating applications to the Cloud, as well as the optimization of the latter. All these within the context of model-driven engineering (MDE).


  • Modeling & Meta-modeling
  • Model Transformations
  • Reverse & Forward Engineering
  • Cloud Environments
  • Non-functional Properties Monitoring



Advanced software-based seRvice provisioning and migraTIon of legacy SofTware

Successful software has to evolve to keep it compatible and up to date. Up to 90% of software cost is spent on maintenance and of this 75% is spent on the development of new features for staying competitive.

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(2014). UML-based Cloud Application Modeling with Libraries, Profiles and Templates.

Talk: 2nd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (CloudMDE), Valencia, Spain; 09-30-2014; in: “2nd International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (CloudMDE)", CEUR, (2014), 1 - 10.