Galina Paskaleva

Galina Paskaleva

Galina Paskaleva received her master’s degree in Architecture in 2004 and worked as an architect until 2012. She is completing her bachelor thesis in Software- and Information Engineering. She has worked in the fields of pattern recognition, multimedia and 3D geometry visualization. Since 2013 she has been working as a project assistant in the Research Center of Building Physics and Sound Protection at the Institute of Building Construction and Technology with particular focus on 3D geometry manipulation and visualization and inter-disciplinary communication interfaces ( Currently she is working as a researcher in the project COMBINE and doing her PhD thesis in the area of model driven information integration and visualization.

Research Interests:

3d geometry generation and visualization, inter-disciplinary engineering, development of domain specific languages

Offered Topics

Entwicklung von Datenzugriffsmechanismen für CAD

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has a twofold meaning. On the one hand, it describes the exchange of geometry data enriched by meta-information. On the other hand, it stands for the entire process of interdisciplinary planning of a building – with the simultaneous engagement of all stakeholders in the development of a common model containing all relevant information.



COMBINE – Concurrent Multi-Viewpoint Building Information Modeling

The processes in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and Facility Management (FM) industries are iterative – components are created, revised or discarded. There are many stakeholders with a multitude of domain-specific requirements and tools – for calculation, information visualisation and exchange, using a variety of standards (e.

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IFC-Roundtrip und Plangrafiken

Das Forschungsprojekt betrifft zusammengefasst die Erarbeitung einer IFC-RoundTrip-Datenübertragungstechologie. Das Forschungsziel liegt insbesondere in der Entwicklung einer Lösung für den softwareübergreifenden Datenaustausch digitaler Gebäudemodelle mit dem Format IFC Industry Foundation Classes und die Ableitung der erforderlichen Plangrafiken.

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