Erwan Bousse

Projektass. Dr.

Erwan Bousse is a post-doc researcher who obtained his PhD in France in 2015 at the University of Rennes 1, IRISA/Inria lab, DiverSE team, under the supervision of Benoît Baudry and Benoît Combemale.

His thesis focused on providing means to enable the dynamic V&V of executable models, such as efficient model cloning, the creation of multi-dimensional execution traces of executable models, and the use of such traces for advanced model omniscient debugging.


  • model driven engineering
  • model transformation
  • verification of model transformations
  • language engineering
  • model execution
  • dynamic verification and validation of executable models
  • execution traces of executable models

Current work

He is currently working in the context of the Tetrabox project.

He was previously working for the SysML4Industry module of the CDL-Flex project.

Personal webpage

More information in his personal webpage.



A Generic White-Box Testing Framework for Model Transformations

Model transformations are crucial for the success of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), comparable in role and importance to compilers for programming languages, allowing to transform models between languages and abstraction levels, e.

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Towards Systematic and Efficient Language Engineering for xDSMLs

Domain-specific modeling languages are increasingly being developed to continuously leverage the domain-specific expertise of the various stakeholders involved in the development of complex software-intensive system as, for instance, found in the automation, production, and automotive domains.

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