Adel Ferdjoukh


Dr. Adel Ferdjoukh is a post-doc researcher who obtained a PhD from University of Montpellier, France in 2016. He was supervised by Clémentine Nebut, Annie Chateau, Eric Bourreau and Marianne Huchard.

During his thesis (in French), he worked on the automated generation of models. He was involved in a project named Grimm.

After his PhD, Adel worked for 2 years (2016-2018) in the University of Nantes in France as a teaching and research assistant. During these two years he was working in testing model transformations and diversity in Model Driven Engineering.


  • Model Driven Engineering,
  • Model generation,
  • Testing model transformations,
  • Quality metrics,
  • Constraint programming, probabilities.

Current work

He is currently working in the context of None project.

Personal Web page

More information about his work can be found on Adel’s personal Web page.



Language Engineering for Analyzable Executable DSMLs

The project LEA-xDSML (Language Engineering for Analyzable Executable Domain-Specific Modeling Languages) resides in the context of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), which proposes the use of domain-specific modeling languages (DSMLs) to reduce the complexity associated with the development of complex software-intensive systems, as, for instance, found in the automation domain, production domain, and automotive domain.

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