Web Modeling

There is currently a large hype surrounding Web Modeling and the development of web-based modeling tools. In the context of this topic, several theses projects can be offered, ranging from the evaluation of different platforms enabling the development of web modeling tools, over the assessment of individual technologies used for the realization of such tools, up to the prototypical implementation and evaluation of a web modeling tool on a concrete platform.

We offer Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses, as well as internships around thes topics. The focus of your work can be chosen individually. Possible topics are for example the following:

  • The extension and evaluation of the graphical lanuage server protocol (GLSP)
  • The implementation and evaluation of a particular web modeling tool
  • The development of novel interaction features of Web-based modeling tools
  • Survey of existing web modeling tool development platforms

If you are interested in this topic, contact Ass. Prof. Dr. Dominik Bork ( dominik.bork@tuwien.ac.at) who will supervise your work on these topics.

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Dominik Bork
Dominik Bork
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