Metamodel specification techniques

Modeling language specifications are of paramount importance for modelers, researchers, and tool vendors. However, these specifications use different techniques for specifying a metamodel. There is no common standard for specifying a metamodel, neither in industry nor in academia, and the usefulness and expressiveness of different specification techniques has never been empirically evaluated.


This project aims at the empirical evaluation of the expressiveness and perceived usefulness of different metamodel specification techniques. In this respect, a metamodel specification tool shall be implemented that enables the transformation of a specified metamodel into models that employ different specification techniques, i.e., the representation of one metamodel using different techniques. The tool shall then be used to empirically evaluate and compare different specification techniques. Eventually guidelines for metamodel specifications shall be derived.

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Dominik Bork
Dominik Bork
Assistant Prof. Dipl.-Wirtsch.Inf.Univ. Dr.rer.pol.