Various topics in the context of B2B electronic commerce

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Christian Huemer and Philipp Liegl.

In order to allow two enterprises to engage in an electronic business transaction, an agreement on the exact exchange order of electronic business documents (i.e., business process choreography) and an agreement on the exact structure of the exchanged business documents is necessary. Appropriate methods and tools for finding such agreements have been researched during the course of the research project BSopt. The goal of the current research project ERPEL (E-Business Registry Permitting Enterprise Liaisons) is to provide the necessary infrastructure, allowing enterprises to seamlessly exchange electronic documents between their systems. Thereby, ERPEL aims to integrate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of different size and functionality, in order to allow business partners to conduct electronic transactions between each other.

In the context of the ERPEL project we are looking for students interested in the following topics:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On. The scope of this thesis is the definition and implementation of an Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics NAV within the context of the Project ERPEL. Requirements: C/AL, C/SIDE, SOA.
  • Open-source Enterprise Application Integration: The scope of this thesis is to design/implement an EAI prototype using Open Source Technologies. Thorough skills in Java, Apache Camel, and Apache ActiveMQ are required.

For further information please contact Philipp Liegl or have a look at the ERPEL project page.

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