MODELS 2018: 3 Papers Accepted

We are very happy to announce that three papers co-authored by BIG members have been accepted at the MODELS 2018 Foundations Track:

  • „Visualizations of Evolving Graphical Models in the Context of Model Review“ by Florian Zoubek, Philip Langer and Tanja Mayerhofer
  • „Towards a Language Server Protocol Infrastructure for Graphical Modeling“ by Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria, Javier Luis Canovas Izquierdo, Jordi Cabot and Manuel Wimmer
  • „Integrating the Designer in-the-loop for Metamodel/Model Co-Evolution via Interactive Computational Search“ by Wael Kessentini, Manuel Wimmer and Houari Sahraoui

Congratulations to the authors!

MODELS is the premier conference for model-driven software and systems engineering. MODELS 2018 will take place October 14-19, 2018 at Copenhagen, Denmark.