Various topics in the context of model versioning

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Martina Seidl and Manuel Wimmer.

Models (like the UML class diagram) play a crucial role for the development of complex software systems (especially for model-driven approaches). Like conventional software artefacts, models are usually developed in teams. Therefore mechanisms like versioning systems are inevitable to allow concurrent development.

Consider the following scenario: Modeler 1 and Modeler 2 obtain one model from the central repository and perform different changes. When Modeler 1 is finished, he loads the new version back to the repository. Now Modeler 2 also wants to submit his new version to the repository, but unfortunately his changes are conflicting with the changes of Modeler 1. So he has to resolve these conflicts before he is allowed to store his new version into the repository.

AMOR Framework

AMOR aims at improving versioning mechanisms for modeling languages with

  • more precise conflict detection
  • better supported conflict resolution
  • language independence.

For further information visit the AMOR project page.