Multi-Level Visualization and Visual Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Models


Enterprise architecture management (EAM) is an established discipline in the information science field. With the digitalization, established enterprises are challenged to face fierce competition, especially from new competitors joining the market in vast amounts of time. These challenges can only be addressed by establishing flexible enterprise architectures that also support efficient management of an enterprise. Albeit the wide adoption of the de-facto industry standard of ArchiMate, only very limited literature focusses on using ArchiMate models as a formalized knowledge base that serves visual analysis and evaluation of complex architectures.



Part of this project is to use existing libraries and tools for visualizing and analysing multi-layer networks. The primary objective of this project is to define a concept and provide an implementation that introduces multi-level visualizations to an existing ArchiMate modeling tool. Several existing visualization libraries like Pymnet shall be analysed and evaluated against the requirements of ArchiMate multi-level visualization. Eventually, the best evaluated library shall be implemented as an extension of the ArchiMate modeling tool. Alternatively, 3D visualizations for ArchiMate models can be implemented.


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