Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems in IoT Ecosystems


CPS/IoT Ecosystem is a joint initiative under “Hochschulraum-Strukturmittel (HRSM)” national funding platform administered by Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) is a concept that unifies all computer driven systems interacting closely with their physical environment. Internet-of-things (IoT) is a union of devices and technologies that provide universal interconnection mechanisms between physical and digital world. These two concepts stand in a close relation and in many cases are part of the same system. Both fields offer a number of interesting challenges from a metamodeling perspective.



The major tasks of the CPS/IoT project in general are:

  • Evaluate enabling state-of-the-art technologies for CPS/IoT,
  • Build industrial and educational demonstration platforms,
  • Develop smart applications for buildings, mobility, farming, production.

Within this research, the project at hand will focus on realizing demonstration cases for CPS/IoT. Students interested in this project can access the CPS (robotics, autonomous vehicles etc.) and define metamodels that are suitable of communicating with the CPS devices.


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