Model-Based Runtime Monitoring

Executable domain-specific languages (DSLs) enable the dynamic analysis of behavioral aspects of systems, such as testing and runtime monitoring. Yet, few approaches are dedicated to providing generic monitoring and testing frameworks for executable DSLs.
In order to provide such a framework, we developed facilities for defining temporal properties on models conforming to any executable DSL using a property language inspired by the Property Specification Language (PSL) [1], as well as facilities for monitoring the execution of models.
You can contribute to this framework by implementing the translation of temporal properties into runtime monitors. Thereby, you will follow the translation process described in [1]. The implementation will be done within the GEMOC Studio [2], a language and modeling workbench for executable DSLs.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Tanja Mayerhofer.

[1] Marc Boulé and Zeljko Zilic. Automata-based Assertion-checker Synthesis of PSL Properties. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems. 13(1):1-21, 2008.
[2] The GEMOC Initiative. The GEMOC Studio.