Applying Multi-Level Modelling for Standards-based Interoperability in the Oil & Gas Interoperability Pilot

The Oil & Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot is an interoperability and digitalization testbed supporting the on-going development of the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem (OIIE). This seminar provides an introduction to the OGI Pilot and its relevance to Industry 4.0 The second part of the seminar covers the application of Multi-Level Modelling techniques in the OGI Pilot and how it can be used to simplify conceptual representation of standards and check for consistency based on Multi-Level Modelling principles.

Dr Georg Grossmann is Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia and works on the integration of business processes and complex data structures for systems interoperability. Current research interests include integration of service processes, ontology-driven integration, information visualization and the management of digital twins. He is currently Co-Chief Investigator in the Data to Decisions CRC and in the industry-funded project on Software Interoperability for the Oil & Gas sector. Since 2016 he is the Steering Committee Chair of the IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing (EDOC).