Constraints and Models@Runtime for EMF Profiles


Modeling languages play an essential part in the software engineering process. While UML is currently the primarily used language for this purpose, others such as Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs) are catching up. A reason for this trend is the higher-level abstraction that DSMLs provide, so modeling languages can be tailored to the needs of one specific domain. Due to this feature developers spend less time on general and low-level modeling parts and therefore have more time to model the actual important domain-specific parts. One major flaw of DSML is the time consuming development of each of those specific modeling languages. To tackle this problem the EMF Profiles project was founded. The goal of EMF Profiles was to bring the benefits of the UML profile design to the DSML area. This goal was achieved through the use of stereotypes. With this problem solved another one emerged, which limits the further usage of DSMLs. Currently there is no support to alter the state of entities at runtime and also to limit certain aspects with constraints. Which is why this master thesis is focused on the following questions: Is it possible to apply profiles based on constraints? Is it possible to dynamically alter the runtime behavior of a profile using constraints?